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Time for a Tune-up?

ECU Remapping is designed to unlock extra power and performance from your vehicle's engine.


Many manufacturers build one engine and use several firmware versions, known as maps, to achieve different power levels to differentiate vehicles that essentially have an identical engine. This gives us an opportunity to unlock more potential from the engine with a few changes to the factory software by reading and editing the factory firmware from the ECU


 We provide ECU tuning in Sussex, Kent and Hampshire, offering better performance and fuel economy for Cars, Vans and other Commercial Vehicles.

Remapping starts at £249, but prices may vary based on make and model so please contact us for a quote and we will get back to you asap.
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Our Services

- Performance Map

- Economy Map

- EGR Removal

- DPF Removal

- Speed Limiter Removal

- Diagnostics

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