If you have purchased an ex-commercial vehicle and want your speed limiter removed, our solutions can be applied to most vehicles. 

Many vehicles have a speed limiter applied from factory or by a third party at a later date. The limiter be applied as a factory standard application e.g. Most BMW and Mercedes vehicles have a factory set speed limiter of 155 MPH / 250 KMH.

A limiter can also be applied by another company for use with their vehicles and their employees. 


By adjustment of the ECU data we are able to successfully remove the speed limiter from most vehicles.


Some vehicles with complex speed limiters can only be removed by the manufacturer.


Please contact us with your vehicle details and location for further information.  

The benefits of our Speed Limiter Removal

  • Reaching you vehicles full potential

  • Speeding up your travel times

  • Safety

  • Saving Time

  • Saving Money

  • Putting you back in control of your vehicle