When your engine management light appears on your dash, this is the system telling you that there is a problem with a component somewhere.

Most of the time there is no issue and the system will create a false positive usually caused by a bad sensor.

We can remove most diagnostics trouble codes from your ECU.

These are additional services that we offer and can be added on to any performance or economy map for a small fee.

BMW Sport display calibration 

RPM limit increase 

Speed limit disable 

Start / Stop disable

Adblue / SCR delete 

Pop & Bang / Crackle Map (petrol)

Launch Control (if possible) (petrol) 

Immo off (if possible)

Fault code delete 

Swirl flap delete 

Hot start fix 

Torque Monitoring off 

TVA off 

Hard cut (diesel) 

Launch control (if possible) (diesel) 

MAF delete (if possible) 

Lambda/O2 Removal 

Nox off (if possible) 

GPF/OPF delete (if possible) 

Cold start noise reduction (if possible) 

DSG tuning

Kickdown Deactivation (if possible)